What happens on other days?

What happens on other days?

Lakewood Church of the Nazarene is committed to providing ministries and ministry opportunities to meet the needs of Lakewood and the surrounding communities.

We have a wide range of adult ministries at Lakewood that meet throughout the week.  Our passion is to provide a nurturing environment that will provide for and appeal to the unchurched, the spiritual seeker, and the fully devoted Christian.  We believe that blended worhsip, Biblical teaching, small groups, and various support ministries are vital in the life of a church.

Kids Inc.

“...partnering with parents to provide our children with the skills, experiences and resources; which will enable them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.”

Kids Inc., is the children’s experience at Lakewood Nazarene that consists of three primary areas.

Nursery - New born to 12 months/walking

Early Childhood – 12 months-pre Kindergarten

Elementary – Kindergarten-5th Grade

Wednesday evening there are activities from 7-8 pm.

Activities for Teens

Our teens meet every Wednesday night for some fun, fellowship, and Bible study.  Three nights out of each month we meet in our teen room, but one Wednesday a month we gather at a local Starbucks for coffee and some scripture based discussion.  We also have various youth activities planned throughout the year such as mission trip, summer camp, winter retreat, and sport/talent events.