Scott Simons

Lead Pastor

Pastor Scott married his HS sweetheart Kelli in 1992, and now their active family includes 5 sons and a white Shiba Inu named Flurry!  Scott has been active in ministry since 1992, most recently serving in Colorado Springs as a Lead Pastor, Hospice Chaplain, Professor of History and Bible at Nazarene Bible College, and Varsity HS Soccer Coach. He previously pastored in Southern California and Oregon, as well as missions work in Israel.  Scott is grateful for the life-changing opportunity of doing graduate degrees in Bible and Theology at Jerusalem University College in Israel and Oxford University in the UK, as well as leading study tours of the Holy Land.  The Simons love the active CO lifestyle, and soccer is a family passion (the household is divided on favorite team, besides the ones the boys play on!).  Scott enjoys workouts, travel, surfing (when near a beach!), cooking, Apple gear, playing guitar, and meeting new friends to discover their stories of God’s grace in the journey.

Randy Garmon

Pastor of Worship Ministries

Pastor Randy Garmon joined the Lakewood family in June of 2008.  He is a 1982 graduate of Mid-America Nazarene University; was ordained in 1993 by the Colorado District Church of the Nazarene.  He has served in several Nazarene churches and a Free Methodist church in Idaho.  Randy loves family, good friends, reading, making music, preaching, and lifestyle worship.  He and Bev both are compelled to encourage people to bring, with authenticity, their worship to God.  The result of that worship is a love for people they meet along the way.

Carol Alberts

Director of Children’s Ministries

Mother, daughter, sister, wife, and servant of God.  Carol Alberts is a Colorado native, born and raised in the Denver area. She is the daughter of Christian parents who showed her how to love God and others. She feels blessed to have been the Children’s Minister at TLC for the last 12 years and loves working with children of all ages, teaching them and sharing about the love of Jesus. Her goal is to work alongside parents to help kids love God, grow closer to Him, and go out as his disciples and spread God’s word. She is excited to have the ability to teach and grow the future of the Lakewood Church.

Mickey Cox

Pastor of Student Ministries

Pastor Mickey Cox is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene. His work in Youth Ministry has expanded over the course of 50 years. Having worked on the local church and global church levels, Mickey’s trademark in youth ministry has been in the area of spiritual formation through discipleship. Wherever he has been involved with youth, he has developed a group of students who are in the process of being disciples of Jesus. He has written two books on this topic; No Limits Discipleship Journal and Sacred Life. With a Master’s in Spiritual Formation, he is currently writing two new books centered on the themes of Journey and Spiritual Formation.

Ofelia & Jorge Martinez

Pastors of Hispanic Ministries

Pastors’ Ofelia and Jorge’ Martinez are both newly ordained elders in the Church of the Nazarene.  They have birthed a new ministry to Hispanic Nazarene’s at Lakewood Church of the Nazarene. They love God and reach out to people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible study, fellowships, and a spirited Hispanic worship service.

Bev Garmon

Office Manager

Bev Garmon is the cheerful one you hear when you call the church office for any reason.  She has her hands full accommodating the many pastors, ministry leaders and people of TLC.  For ten years she has served as office manager and more recently the financial secretary.  Bev works in many ministry areas outside of her work week. She is the Director of Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries.  She also works with Women’s Ministry and Worship Ministries.  Bev is a proud mother of two and grandmother of two.

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